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Our story

Everyone has a story to tell and we’d like to help tell a small part of that story with a piece of fine jewelry.
We aim to bring color in peoples lives with our vitreous enamel jewelry.

Most of our designs are transpositions of centuries-old patterns, viewed and envisioned as geometric pieces of art. They then become the wearable art that we call jewelry, and the history of that particular pattern expands.

ROWA employs the labor-intensive process of vitreous enamel on precious metals, resulting in colorful modern heirlooms for people to express themselves.

Founder Alexandra Albu began ROWA in 2017, transposing old European patterns into colorful jewelry. Currently living in Vancouver, BC, Canada, she continues her journey designing.

Our manufacturing process

Each piece of jewelry is made to order for each customer. While manufacturing, each piece goes through more than 30 manual steps.

We strive to have the smallest amount of environmental impact possible while creating jewelry. This is why we like to use recycled materials as much as possible, including our packaging and precious metals.

Being a small business, we know that supporting our local economy is important. We use local casting companies to bring our jewelry to life.

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The Enamel

Vitreous enameling is an old technique of coloring and decorating jewelry. This labor-intensive process produces the highest quality, so we put in the extra hours.

Enamel leaves a lasting finish that is scratch resistant and doesn’t fade over time.

Our brilliant colors are achieved by the addition of various minerals or metal oxides to the vitreous enamel used by ROWA. All our pieces are lead-free and safe to wear.

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The Metal

All of our jewelry is made using recycled precious metals.

Our metals go through a rigorous refining process where the purity of the metal is certified under the highest quality standards available.

Our jewelry is made out of solid precious metal, never plated. You can choose between Sterling Silver and 14k Gold.

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The Stones

Each diamond and gemstone used is conflict-free, sustainable, and ethically sourced.

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